Zenith Industries ZN306030 Twist Knot Wire Wheel, 3' x .014' x 1/4'

$ 9 58

Product Description

  • Twist knot design offers increased aggression for tough applications and resists flaring and wire loss
  • Great for slag removal in weld seams and grooves
  • Quickly and easily removes rust, adhesives, gaskets and more
  • Max RPM 25,000
  • Always wear eye protection

This 3 inch stem mounted wire wheel features a twist knot design that makes it more aggressive with less wire shedding compared to standard crimped wheels. Its high speed rating allows it to be used with most air and electric die grinders (never exceed maximum wheel RPM). It excels at quickly and easily removing rust and paint and weld slag and is ideal for cleaning weld seams and grooves. Specifications Size 3 inch x / inch shank Wire Diameter .0 inch Wire Type Carbon Steel Max RPM 5,000.

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