Weiler Narrow Face Wire Wheel Conflex Brush, Round Shank, Steel, Crimped Wire, 3' Diameter, 0.014' Wire Diameter, 1/4' Shank, 1' Bristle Length, 1/2' Brush Face Width, 20000 rpm

$ 5 34

:Asus Transformed Pad TF300TG


Product Description

  • Narrow face crimped wire wheels for light-duty brushing action
  • Applicable for cleaning and finishing recessed areas or ID; die, mold and tool cleaning and polishing; rubber and plastic flash removal; rust and paint removal
  • Also used for deburring, spot facing; weld, ID pipe and carbon cleaning; scale and slag removal

's brushes are permanently mounted on 1/ inches steel stems, providing quick installation on chuck or collet. High RPM ratings provide faster finishing for the lowest cost-per-piece brushed.

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