Rusticity Indian Sheesham Antique Mortar & Pestle Grinder Set for Kitchen/Vintage Rustic Handcarved Spice & Herbs Crusher Bowl/Handmade Decorative Round Manual Kharal Smasher, 4 x 4 in

$ 9 84

Color:4x4x3 inches


Product Description

  • This multi purpose natural grinder bowl is made of Indian rosewood (sheesham wood) which is durable and decay resistant. This carved grinder is adorned with engraved floral designs that bring warm, rustic-style charm to any space. The pestle measures 4.6 inches in length.
  • This is used for crushing pills, soft herbs and spices with food grade finish. The pestle has round knob shape holder that helps you to easily grind garlic and ginger to minced state or powder form
  • This palm mortar and pestle has a rustic textured pattern & smooth polished surface for convenient cooking in the kitchen. This promotes natural taste by locking the freshness & keeps the odor away
  • This traditional bowl grinder has a sleek ergonomic design in round shape and it's compact body is enough to decor your dinner table that goes well with any kitchen accessories and is a best companion for home makers & culinarians to present variety of spicy dishes
  • Only RUSTICITY GUARANTEES, If you are NOT 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can get a full refund or a FREE replacement against your order, within 7 days from the date of delivery WITHOUT having to return the original product by reaching out to us directly.

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