Nylon Bristle Tip 3/8” by 36” Inch Long Flexible Scrub Brush Cleaner Tool – Cleaning Keg and Fermenter Line Tube Hose

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Product Description

  • KEEP YOUR 3/8-INCH HOMEBREW LINE BACTERIA-FREE: Clean home kegging and fermenting lines to remove bacteria buildup, yeast, and sugar so they do not contaminate your brew with the G. Francis Nylon Bristle 3/8” x 36” Inch Flexible Scrub Brush Cleaner – Cleaning Keg & Fermenter Line Tube Hose & More
  • MAXIMIZE BREW TASTE: Using this brush maximizes brew taste since the yeast, sugar, and bacteria buildup does not make it to your glass; 36-inch (91.4cm) length makes it perfect for cleaning brew tubing, soda keg tubes, dip tubes on your Corny keg, racking lines in your brewing operation, or even the sight glass on your kettle that has a 3/8-inch (9.5mm) inside diameter (ID); Works on any surface material (copper, vinyl, plastic tubing applications)
  • SOFT TOUCH: Tubular-shaped brush on one end and loop end on other; Nylon bristles softly scrub away buildup without damaging the tubing; Total insertable length of 35 inches (88.9cm)
  • GET TO THOSE AWKWARD ANGLES: Entire length of brush is flexible to even work with curved tubing (angled less than 90 degrees)
  • EASY TO USE: 3-inch (7.6cm) brush length and 33-inch (83.8cm) handle for an over length of 36 inches (91.4cm); Feed the flexible stem (brush end first) into the tubing and gently scrub the inside while working the brush back out; You can also use powered brewery wash (PBW – not included) mix with warm water to clean even the filthiest tubing (recommended, not required)

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