Lovejoy 1500 Series Shaft Locking Device, Metric, 80 mm shaft diameter x 120mm outer diameter of shaft locking device, 4499 ft-lb Maximum Transmissible Torque

$ 94 64

This SLD 500 Series metric internal shaft locking device connects a hub to a shaft in power transmission applications. Screw tension is converted into radial pressure to create an interference fit for zero backlash and high contact pressure for transmitting greater torque. It is self-releasing for easy removal, and the friction fit eliminates damage to the shaft caused by hub movement. This medium-torque shaft locking device is suitable for use with braiding machines, conveyor pulleys, packaging machines, and wind generators, among others.

Shaft collars are ring-shaped devices primarily used to secure components onto shafts. They also serve as locators, mechanical stops, and spacers between other components. The two basic types of shaft collars are clamping (or split) collars, which come in one- or two-piece designs, and setscrew collars. In both types, one or more screws hold the collars in place on the shaft. In setscrew collars, screws are tightened through the collar until they press directly against the shaft, and in clamping collars, screws are tightened to uniformly compress the collar around the shaft without impinging or marring it. Whereas setscrew collars and one-piece clamping collars must be installed by sliding the collar over the end of the shaft, two-piece clamping collars separate into two halves and can be installed between components on the shaft. Shaft collars are made from a wide range of materials including zinc-plated steel, aluminum, nylon, and neoprene. Found in nearly every type of machinery and industry, shaft collars are used in applications including gearbox assemblies, motor bases, machine tools, drive shafts, agricultural implements, medical equipment, and paper and steel mill equipment.

manufactures flexible couplings, universal joints, variable speed drives, and other transmission and mechanical power products. The company, founded in 900, is headquartered in Downers Grove, IL.

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