Rheem 1859 1/6 hp Condenser Motor

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Product Description

  • Ball bearing
  • Reversible rotation
  • Direct drive
  • Condenser Motor - 1/6 hip 208-230/1/60 (1075 rpm/1 speed)

/ multi hip condenser fan rescue motor, 05 rpm, 208-20V.

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Conscientious Observer
February 9, 2017
This motor works excellent !! DIY guys. I ran into a problem getting the fan blade off the old motor, it seemed welded on, but was not of course. This is the way I solved it. Do Not use a puller you will distort the blade at the base/hub. I took a multi-tool or you can use a saws-all and cut the old motor shaft off close to the motor. Then I used a sander with 100 grit paper to thoroughly sand the long end of old shaft till it was bright shining like new on all sides. After the sanding, sprayed lubricant on the area just sanded, and then secured the fan blade hub on a piece of cutoff 1 1/2 pvc pipe on the side that is closest to where I cutoff the shaft (note: pvc has to be longer than the total length of the shaft), I just gave the "end "of the long sanded shaft a little hammer tap and it fell through the hub super easy.
November 27, 2018
Direct fit for my old Rheem unit. The wiring was a bit different, one less wire and slightly different colors on the old motor. A bit of research, measuring shaft fan depth, and reversing the 4 screws holding the motor together to facilitate flush mount, and all good.
s szpak
August 8, 2016
works great, got here fast ,thanks.

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