Flanders 1 Inch Springer Buckhorn +2 Bar Knurl Dimple for Harley

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Product Description

  • When people think of quality handlebars, Flanders is at the top of the list
  • Over fifty years experience making the worlds finest handlebars
  • All handlebars are made of seamless, cold-drawn steel tubing
  • Mandrel-bent for accuracy
  • Available in chrome and black

  • When You Want High-Quality Custom Bars for Your Ride, You Want
  • Has More Than 50 Years of Experience Making the World's Finest Handlebars
  • All Handlebars Are Made of Seamless, 7/8" or 1" Cold-Drawn Steel Tubing
  • Mandrel Bent for Accuracy
  • End Rise: 9.50"
  • Width: 30.50"
  • Center Width: 7.50"
  • Pullback: 12.00"
  • Made in the USA
  • Please Note: Dresser-Style Handlebars Are Not Notched for Electronic Throttle Control.
  • Please Note: Springer Handlebars Have 4-3/4 Centered Knurling.
  • Please Note: You Will Need to Order Dimpled Bars for Your 1983 and Later Harley Davidson Stock Controls Unless You Plan on Internally Wiring Your New Controls.

  • Please Note: The Image Displayed Is Representative of the Item, but May Vary Depending on Your Specific Model.

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