Champion Cutting Tool XL86-15/16 Brute Platinum Hex Shank Bridge Reamer, Black/Bright

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Product Description

  • Heavy Duty Hex Shank Bridge Reamers enlarge and align holes in structural steel. Point Diameter: 11/16", Cutting Diameter: 15/16"
  • Hex Shank for use in rotary impact sockets
  • Shank diameter of reamer matches socket size for bolt which will be driven through newly reamed hole
  • Left Hand Spiral and Right Hand Cut ejects chips forward for superior hole quality and operator safety
  • Ideal for use in bridge building, steel erection, ship building industries, and other structural steel applications

Brute Platinum XL86 Hex Shank Bridge Reamers align and enlarge holes in structural steel. They are ideally used in hex shank rotary impact sockets. XL86 Reamers are made of premium high speed steel for heavy duty reaming out misaligned or off-size holes. The left hand spiral, right hand cut, keeps the operator safe by ejecting chips ahead of the tool.

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